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State of the art motion blur

Bleex is a motion blur software with a powerful engine and a well-grounded interface.
You can easily control the effect on the image and create photo-realistic motion blur effects.


Conclusive and realistic motion blur. With the amazing Jitter filter you can achieve realistic camera bounces and vibrations.

Speed control

Adjust the velocity and the impact on your image within seconds. No bugging parameters needed.

Jitter effect

Bleex simulates little bounces and vibrations from real rigshots which makes the motion blur much more realistic.

Ease to set-up

It is really easy and it takes only seconds to create a curve-setup in Bleex.

HDR sphere blurring

BleexPro supports the processing of High Dynamic Range Images. You can easily import an 32bit image into BleexPro and use the result for example in your 3D application.

Free updates

We are always trying to improve Bleex for you. We don`t bother you with costly updates.

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