• Realistic Curved Motion Blur for Mac

    Bleex is an image motion blur software with a powerful engine and a well-grounded interface. You can easily control the effect on the image and create photo-realistic motion blur effects.

    Model 1
  • Realistic Camera Bounces - Jitter

    Bleex is the first motion blur software with a jitter feature. It simulates little bounces and vibrations from real rigshots and makes the motion blur much more realistic. Frequency and amplitude of these vibrations can be controlled.

    Model 2
  • HDR Sphere Blurring

    BleexPro supports the processing of High Dynamic Range Images. You can easily import an 32bit image into BleexPro and use the result for example in your 3D application.

    Model 2
  • Easy to set-up

    It is really easy and it takes only seconds to create a curve-setup in Bleex.

    Model 2
  • Fast results

    With the handy Preview-mode you are able to see the result within some seconds.

    Model 2
Easy To Use

An intuitive and very user friendly interface make it easy to work with Bleex.

Powerful Engine

True 64bit engine, GPU acceleration and full multi-threading support.

Camera Vibrations

With the amazing jitter function you can achieve realistic camera bounces and vibrations.


Conclusive and realistic motion blur within seconds.

Try it out! Download BleexTry.

Free trial version for Mac OS. Max image output is 1000x1000 pixel (watermarked), 16bit support and Jitter enabled.

Recent Updates

Performance Improvement
Update 1.1.7b is out with improved performance. Bugfixes are also in the package.

Performance Improvement
Update 1.1.7 is out with improved flow control and motion blur alignment. Bugfixes are also in the package.

Performance Improvement
Update 1.1.6 is out improving curve editing performance a lot, especially when working with large images.

Improved Tone Mapping
Version 1.1.5 for BleexPro is out with improved HDR tone mapping.

Scratch Disk Folder
Version 1.1.4 allows you to specify in the settings where pixels are crunched on disk.

Performance Improvement
Bleex 1.1.3 is out, fixing bugs on mountain lion and being Gatekeeper compliant - we are registered Mac developers now.